General Information
Homeworld Chalybeas
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Citrakyahs are feline-like aliens with a black suit-like color scheme. Their hands, legs, part of their head and chest are colored blue. They have spikes on their hands and legs. They also have black mask-like fins around their green eyes.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Citrakayahs can run very quickly and leave a blue trail when they run, similar to the trail Kinecelerans leave. They are also fairly strong, able to carry both human-sizes aliens like Tack and Hulka without losing any speed.

Citrakayah (Fasttrack race)

Home PlanetEdit

Chalybeas is the Citrakayah's (Fasttrack's species) home planet.


  • They resemble the DC Comics superhero Nightwing as well as DC Comics superhero Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) and have the ability of the Flash.
  • Citrakayah's also resemble the costume/outfit of Wolverine from Marvel, except without claws.
  • Matt Wayne confirmed that Citrakayah (Fasttrack's species) is stronger than Kinecelerans (XLR8's species.)
  • His powers, colors, and light trail also resemble SEGA's Sonic The Hedgehog.
  • They're not as good as Kinecelerans when it comes to controlling their speed. Stoppin, for example, is difficult if they run too fast.

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