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City Destroyers (Independence Day)

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City Destroyers
City Destroyers
General Information
Length 15 Miles (25 km)
Locomotion Unknown
Armaments {{{armaments}}}
Species Origin ID4 Aliens

City Destroyers are massive spacecraft manufactured by the Harvesters. They were seen in the film Independence Day.


City Destroyers are one of the many spacecraft used by the aliens as a means of exterminating cities. They are massive, saucer-shaped craft with advanced technology, capable of countering virtually any form of weapon used by the civilizations they have destroyed.

Destroyers are equipped with powerful shield generators that can withstand anything from an AIM-120 AMRAAM missile to a high-yield nuclear warhead. Their primary means of offense come in the form of large underside energy cannons capable of devastating a city with just one shot. They also come equipped with millions of Attackers which will defend the ship should it ever come under attack by opposing threats.

The destroyer has 2 weakspots, one being the shields. When the humans planted a computer virus into the Mothership's systems, the shields of every vessel were lowered, giving the pilots on Earth a chance to attack the vessel. Even with their shields lowered, these spacecraft are durable and can take the punishment on their own. Even if there is insufficient damage to take it down, the spacecraft's city destroying cannon is also a weakspot. If a fighter flies up into the craft's weapon, the weapon will explode, causing a chain reaction that will cause the ship to go up.

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