General Information
Habitat Magic moves
Height 2' 6
Diet Unknown(Possibly omnivore)
Sapience Level Semi-Sapient
Language Unknwon
Subspecies/Races Fairy Pokémon
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pokémon Universe

Clefairy (Pippi in Japanese, Piepi in German and Melofee in French) is a Pokémon from the moon, which came to the Earth in a strange vehicle. It evolves from Cleffa and evolves to Clefable. Clefairy appears to be a pink creature. It has stocky limbs and a round body which gives it a chubby appearance. It also possess large sensitive ears that have brown tips. It has small wings that seem incapable of flight, but allow it to bounce gracefully. Clefairy are very shy and timid creatures. As such, they rarely show themselves to humans. Clefairy also seem to have gained a reputation as kleptomaniacs, since there have been various reports of Clefairy being seen stealing random junk.

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