The Codru-Ji are the intelligent, humanoid natives of Munto Codru. The bipedal Codru-Ji race are characterized by their four arms. When immature, the Codru-Ji take the form of a wyrwulf. This was a pupal stage for the Cordu-Ji, and they sleep in a prone position (as most dogs do).

The wyrwulf form can communicate through a series of barks and grunts. When the being was of sufficient age, the wyrwulf form cocoons itself, and then metamorphs into a full-grown adult Codru-Ji. The adults must sleep upright, due to the changes brought about by the formation of their four arms. Special slings were developed to support the slumbering adults. The form of the Codru-Ji communicates in a complex series of high-pitched whistles and sighs, although they were also able to speak in the low-range sounds of most humanoid races.

They are known for their political intrigues, abductions, and coups. They seem unable to operate in a simple political environment, instead choosing to convolute their politics with various familiar affiliations. They are also recognized as the best kidnappers in the galaxy, and have established a code of ethics for the kidnap and ransom of political opponents.