Tom Carlsen
Col. Tom Carlsen
Vital statistics
Age 30's
Gender Male
Species Energy Vampire
Race/Nationality Caucasian/American
Occupation Member of the United States Air Force
Military Rank Colonel
Spouse(s) Female (Energy Vampire)
Status Dead (Supposedly)
Appearances LifeForce
Portrayed By Steve Railsback

"Because you're one of us, you always have been, you're like me be with me"-The Female Vampire talking to Carlsen

Col. Tom Carlsen is an American who worked for the United States Air Force and was aboard the HMS Churchill in the 1985 film "Lifeforce" directed by Tobe Hooper and is played by Steve Railsback. He is also the main protagonist, and the mate of the Female in the film as well.

LifeForce 1985Edit

Carlson was a member of the crew aboard the Churchill while heading towards Halley's Comet where they discovered the Energy Vampire vessel. They went inside and found the 3 vampires in suspended animation and brought them aboard the Churchill, however contact with the vessel ceased. The British launched a rescue party and found no survivors and no sign of Carlsen, however they returned with the 3 bodies thinking them dead. An autopsy was about to be performed on the female when she woke up and fed on the guard's lifeforce, after that she escaped. Later on, they discovered Carlsen within an escape capsule from the Churchill within the ocean, so they returned to shore and Carlsen was questioned by Dr. Hans Fallada and Col. Colin Caine. Feeling the effects of his trip caused by fatigue, they allow him to rest while they monitor him and while dreaming, the female enters Carlsen's dream. Realizing his telepathic link with the female, they manage to track her soul moving from body to body and after several failures, they finally catch her in the body of Dr. Armstrong, a physician at the Yorkshire Psychiatric Hospital.

Carlsen and Caine transport the body back to base via helicopter where they speak with Fallada about the main weaknesses to these vampires, but then the female escapes and returns to her body within London. On the way, Carlsen explains to Caine that the vampires and the crew didn't destroy everything about the Churchill, turns out it was him all along and when he was the only one left, he set the vessel to be destroyed and escaped via a space capsule. . Carlsen and Caine's chopper is forced to land or else they will be shot out of the air, then they manage to arrive at a military base within London. The soldiers at the base explain to Carlsen and Caine that a plague has overcome the population in London, however they are allowed through in order to destroy the source of the problem. Carlsen explains to Caine that the female chose him to become another being and in order for that to happen, she must mate with that said being in a sense. Later on, Carlsen escapes using a military land rover, he drives through a zombie infested London and arrives at the source, which is an abandoned Church. Carlsen enters the Church and finds the female in the lower part of the church. He remains there with her, returning the energy she gave him before, then he asks her "What are these feelings? Why do I feel so close to you, need you?" and she replies "Because you're one of us. You always have been. You're like me, be with me.". Caine arrives at the church, kills one of the male vampires and then enters the church, tosses the sword to Carlsen. Carlsen takes the sword and impales himself and the female, then they fly up towards the ship and leave.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Despite having lived on Earth, Carlsen is in fact an energy vampire, which would explain the reason why he felt deja vu when entering the Derelict and then the female explaining to him that he was one of them all along. Despite this, he showed no signs of physical powers until coming in contact the female. After this, he demonstrated at least several abilities during the events that unfolded.

  • Immortaltiy: Despite appearing in his 30s, Carlsen is possibly quite older than he looks. The evidence to explain this comes from the fact that Carlsen himself admitted that he believed he was on the ship before, which was most likely on it's first visit to Earth. This would later be confirmed by the female when she explained that he was in fact an Energy Vampire all along. So he is definitely several centuries old.
  • Telepathy: When Carlsen found Ellen Donaldson after the female took possession of her, he demonstrated the ability to enter one's mind and learn about the person before acting upon their desires. In Ellen Donaldson's case, her desire was that he strike her. He also shared a telepathic link with the female in both his sub-consciousness as well as consciousness. This was seen when the female visited him in his dream and later on when she called out to him telepathically.


  • In the beginning of the film while investigating the ship, Carlsen mentioned that "I almost have a feeling I've been here before". This might have implied that he was on the ship at some point in his life, but somehow landed on Earth or was left behind. Later on this theory is confirmed due to the fact that the Female tells him that he was in fact on of their species all along.

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