Colin Caine
Colin Caine
Biography Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Language English
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Lifeforce
Appearances Lifeforce

Col. Colin Caine is a British soldier serving the Special Air Service (SAS). He is played by Peter Firth in the 1985 sci-fi horror film Lifeforce.

Lifeforce (1985)Edit

Caine first arrived after the escape of the Female Energy Vampire at the Space Research Center in London. He was introduced to Dr. Hans Fallada and was briefed on the current situation. Having questioned Dr. Bukovsky about the incident involving the girl's escape as well as the incident that transpired on the HMS Churchill as well as learning that these beings were in fact vampires.

After speaking with Fallada, the two heard explosions from the lower levels and found that the two Males were dead after they were hit by the grenades. Caine also watched the autopsy of the guard attacked by the female and witnessed him feeding on the doctor that was about to perform an autopsy. The colonel was given the phone after the police found another victim of the female in Hyde Park which was where they headed and found it could have possibly been the girl that escaped only to find it was someone entirely different.

Two hours later, Caine and Fallada returned to the center to find that the guard starving from lifeforce deprivation, causing him to die. The surgeon also came back, but ran through the bars exploding into a cloud of dust. An hour after the girl found in the park returned and Caine witnessed as the girl exploded upon not receiving energy. Dr. Bukovsky then informs both Caine and Fallada that the escape pod from the Churchill was picked up re-entering Earth's atmosphere and ending up in Texas.

Military personnel found the pod and it's only occupant, Col. Tom Carlsen who was questioned upon his arrival. Later on after Carlsen woke up screaming, they found that the colonel, may have had a telepathic link with the female and so they place him under hypnosis, discovering the female is possessing the body of Ellen Donaldson. Caine and Carlsen track down Donaldson and find that she had already left the woman's body and went elsewhere.

Carlsen finds that the girl has taken over the mind of Dr. Armstrong, manager at a Yorkshire psychiatric hospital and get him heavily sedated, capturing him and bringin him back to London. Caine witnessed as Armstrong's blood morphed into a haemokinetic representation of the girl for a second before it splatters over the wall. Once in London, they find themselves in the midst of a lethal plague spreading through London and NATO authorizing the use of a thermonuclear weapon. As Caine speaks to the military superior's, Carlsen leaves on his own through a zombie infested London, leading to Caine following him. Taking a pistol and car, Caine makes a quick stop to the SRC where Fallada has become one of them, leading to Caine having to kill him. He continues from the SRC and eventually has to travel on foot to get to the St. Paul's Cathedral where he kills the other male vampire before entering. Caine finds Carlsen with the female and yells to him and sending the sword down his way. Carlsen used it to impale both him and the female and Caine watched as they ascended to the ship.

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