Colo Claw Fish
Colo Claw Fish
General Information
Homeworld Naboo
Length 40 meters
Diet Carnivorous (opportunistic)
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars

The Colo Claw Fish is a huge non-sapient opportunistic predator native to the oceans of planet Naboo. This elongated beast is known to feed on everything it can swallow. Its only natural predator is the Sando Aqua Monster.

Colo Claw Fish are bioluminescent. The light they produce on the sides of their body is used to attract prey in the dark deep waters. They have no limbs to speak of, but possess two large clawed appendages on the sides of their head, which are used to hold the prey while they're eating. They have a large mouth filled with sharp teeth, and two short eyestalks. Their jaws can unhinge and their stomach can expand, enabling then to swallow much larger prey.

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