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The Colu System is a planetary system located in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy.

The primary, Colu, is a large white star that expanded and swallowed its innermost planet, Clak'dor I. The remaining planets are:

  1. Clak'dor II - terrain composed of molten rock.
  2. Clak'dor III - terrain composed of searing rock.
  3. Clak'dor IV - terrain composed of barren rock. Clak'dor IV is a habitable world, at least for the Bith. They have a colony there. The planet is orbited by two moons.
  4. Clak'dor V - a gas giant orbited by 12 moons.
  5. Clak'dor VI - an asteroid belt. Probably the remains of a destroyed planet.
  6. Clak'dor VII - a small habitable world covered by swamps and jungles. The homeworld of the Bith species.

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