Biography Information
True Identity Unknown
Alias Cooper
Homeworld Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Body Type Humanoid
Height 12 feet tall
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Green
Personality Intelligence
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Super 8
Performed by Bruce Greenwood

Cooper, is an alien prisoner who was captured by U.S army. He is the secondary antagonist (later anti-hero) in Super 8 .

Appearance Edit

He is a humanoid/spider like alien with six limbs and has secondary eyelids that covers his real ones, with dark green/grey and white skin.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Before the events of the movie, in 1958 Cooper passed by Earth while aboard his ship but then he crash-landed and was captured by the military. He was placed in captivity and locked up for observation and under the care of Dr. Thomas Woodward who he came in contacted with after being grab when trying feed him. Woodward then realized that all Cooper wanted was to rebuild his ship so he may return to his planet. But Colonel Nelec didn't care, as he intended to have Cooper killed so his physiology can be studied.

Arriving in Lillian, Ohio Edit

In 1979, Cooper was transported to another military base under the command by Colonel Nelec somewhere near Lillian, Ohio. However, on the way to the base,Dr. Woodward drives a truck right into it on purpose therefore making the train crashed, alloweing Cooper to escape into and established a temporary lair directly under the water town. Afterwards, he stole various electrical equipments available in the town and captured some humans and local pets for food stock, includes Alice. Why he stole those equipments was so he can rebuilt sophisticated device that can attract hi-tech cube that his ship composed of. This however, attracted Nelec's attention due to the town's citizens become concerned with missing people and electronical equipment thievery across the town.