Crash Nebula is a character in the television episode of the same name. He is also a minor character in The Fairly OddParents.


In the episode "Deja Vu", he appears in a video game.

An episode of the show depicts a Crash Nebula movie. Timmy Turner and friends are eager to see this.

In the episode "Crash Nebula", he appears as the main protagonist. Timmy Turner misses the whole episode.

There is one episode titled "Crash Nebula meets the Crimson Chin".

Crash Nebula (episode)Edit

It starts with a farm boy and his family. The boy's name is Sprig Speevak. The boy sees a school bus-shuttle outside, and he hitches a ride.

Sprig is embarrassed to see all the alien creatures on the shuttle.


  • An entire episode of The Fairly Odd Parents is about him.
  • According to the Fairly Odd Parents wiki, he is a parody of Buzz Lightyear.
  • A.J. has a Crash Nebula costume.