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Photo of the creature taken by the lier.

The 'Creature of Metepec' is a strange animal found by Mexican farmhand Ángel Palacios Núñez in a trap. The farmer stated that the Creature was still alive and very aggressive when he found it. It is 5-inches long, virtually hairless and featuring almond-shaped eyes. The UFO-Journalist Jaime Maussan bought the mummified body of the Creature from the farmer, because he speculated that it had extraterrestrial origins, as did many internet conspirators. It was the subject of speculation as its DNA apparently showed resemblance to that of a human being or related primate, as well as the suspicious disappearances of some of the apparent sighters of the creature.


In 2012 the creature was revealed a hoax as taxidermist Urso Moreno Ruiz confessed to making it from a Buffy Tuffted marmoset corpse. The creature was one of four suspected alien subjects featured in the British Channel 4 documentary Alien Investigations, in which Núñez himself confessed that the alien was an elaborate forgery made from a stuffed monkey.This proves that this page should be deleted

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