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(Betelgeuse 6)
Universe Marvel Universe
System Betelgeuse System
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Unbreathable for Humans due
to its high methane content
Primary Terrain Cities
Water bodies
Notable Species Autocron

Cron is a fictional planet in the Marvel Universe.

Cron is a habitable planet located in the Betelgeuse System, being sixth in orbit from that star. Unlike Earth, Cron has a very small amount of water on its surface and much of its land area has been converted into cities. It is the homeworld of the sapient Autocron species. It is unknown if the planet possesses any moons.


Cron is the sixth planet in orbit around the red supergiant star Betelgeuse, located between 180-900 light years away from Earth. The other planets in the Betelgeuse System are not known. It is also unknown if the planet is orbited by any moons.


Little is known of Cron's geography. It is known that planet has very little water compared to Earth, only about 4% of the surface is covered by water. Approximately 85% of Cron's land area has been converted into massive and highly advanced cities. The planet is known to be rich in metallic ores, and this has likely contributed to the prosperity of the Autocrons. Cron is approximately three-times larger than Earth and so has a higher gravitational pull and a greater atmospheric density. Cron's atmosphere is toxic for Humans as it contains a high level of methane.


Although much of Cron's surface is now covered by advanced cities there are still some large areas of wilderness. What lifeforms inhabit these wild lands is not known, but it is likely that they have an iron-based physiology like the sapient Autocrons. Whatever the case, life on Cron is likely far less diverse than it was before the Autocrons evolved into a sapient species.



Main article: Autocron


Nothing is known of Cron's history, although its recorded history likely stretches back farther than Earth's history due to the greater technological advancement of the Autocrons when compared to that of Humans.

Society and CultureEdit

The society of Cron is one of strict order. It is an imperialistic and militaristic society, and it is likely that Autocrons do not enjoy the same levels of personal freedom on their planet that Humans do on Earth. The Autocrons are a highly technologically advanced race and have ships that are capable of interstellar travel fitted with warp-drive units. Their race is governed by an extremely sophisticated computer, which may contribute to the nature of their society.

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