Crop circles are geometric designs or patterns made by flattening a crop.[1] Although some have been deemed hoaxes by revealing that they were made by regular humans, believing their origins to be extraterrestrial or paranormal is still common.

Origins Edit

The consensus of the scientific community is that crop circles are artificially crafted by humans, and even the most impressive designs have been shown to be feasible for human creation. These structures often have the following traits, which can be explained by human activity.[2]

  • Circles - By using a rope and wooden plank as compass, hoaxers have been shown to create the most common pattern with ease.
  • Nocturnal creation - Most, if not all crop circles have been created during the night. There is no reason for extraterrestrials or paranormal phenomena to draw them only when it is dark, unless they are hoaxers that can be sued for vandalism.
  • No footages of their creation - Unless done deliberately, crop circles appear in areas where there is no video surveillance, something that only people could know.
  • No clue of their creation - The hoaxers' methods to make them do not leave any noticeable physical proof of their creation.
  • Accesibility - Crop circles often appear near roads with easy public access.

In fiction Edit

Due to their extensive association with extraterrestrial beings, crop circles are not a rare trope in science fiction. For example, they are featured on the movie Signs.

References Edit

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