Being one of the Crypto clones and passengers aboard the Furon Mothership, Crypto 136 is like any other Crypto clones before and after him: dangerous and unpredictable!

Due to the DNA patterns in the Furon cloning banks becoming more and more degraded with each new clone, the species would soon clone itself to extinction (as they had lost their ability to reproduce sexually). To ensure the survival of the Furon Race, Orthopox 13 looks for a planet in which the furons visited eons ago where pure Furon DNA could be found, which would regenerate the DNA patterns and even give the Furons back their genitalia. Sending Crypto 136 to the planet Earth (which Furons arrived on to 'cool their heels' eons ago after the war with the Martians), Crypto attempted to land on top of a missile - only for the missile to launch and cause Crypto's scout ship to crash. 

Crawling out of the ship and been surrounded by armed forces, Crypto 136 quickly collapsed due to injury. Taken to a Majestic base called Area 42, Crypto 136 was brutally and sadistically tortured by Silhouette (the leader of Majestic) and President Huffman. The tortures were eventually too much for 136, who died from the cruel treatments he was subjected to. He was later dissected while his saucer and weapons were used to create reverse-engineered Furon technology for Majestic's forces to use. They also created Majestic 'Psy-Mutants' by activating the dormant Furon DNA in human minds.

Whatever Happened to Crypto-136?10:21

Whatever Happened to Crypto-136?

Crypto 137 finds his deceased predeccesor - Clip begins at 6:23

When Crypto 137 managed to infiltrate the base, he discovered the body of his predecessor - saluting his deceased comrade. Angered over what had happened and how humanity had treated his predecessor, Crypto declared his own personal war against humanity - destroying Crypto 136's body and his damaged scout ship before collecting the data Majestic acquired to prevent them from using it in the future.

Orthopox 13: "What...what did you find, Crypto?"
Crypto-137: "We're dead. An honorable death at the hands of an enemy in battle, that's one thing Pox, but they...they descrated us...and they're gonna pay! Oh yes, THEY'RE GONNA PAY!"
- Crypto and Pox's discussion after Crypto 137 finds 136's body.

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