Crystal Shrimp

"Crystal Shrimp" are creatures that infested had the Lunar Sea Spire, and first appeared in "Cheeseburger Backpack".


The Crystal Shrimp takes on the appearance of small creatures comprised of four segments in a semi-oval shape. Each of the four segments are colored light blue and pink at the back with the first three segments tapering upwards giving a spike-like appearance. The first segment contains a pink pentagon shaped mouth. Each of the segments also contain white crystal shards fashioned into spikes with the first and last segment containing only one and the second and third containing two each, one shard on each side of the segments.


The Crystal Shrimp's shards are deadly enough for Pearl to make a convoluted plan that avoids any type of physical contact with the creatures. The Crystal Shrimps are small but appear in swarms. Although they do not possess eyes, they were able to sense the bagels that Steven threw and readily swarmed to the bagels and voraciously ate them, ignoring the Gems and Steven afterwards.


Crystal Shrimp are deadly to the touch, Pearl warns Steven of this when he tries to squish one in the Lunar Sea Spire. To get around them, Pearl makes an elaborate plan using Amethyst and Garnet as distractions. While she is explaining her plan, Steven reaches in his backpack and pulls out some bagel sandwiches he brought from home. He uses them as a distraction to clear a path and get past the shrimps.


◾Though named a shrimp, it much more closely resembles a chiton.