Cydonia is a region on Planet Mars that has been one of the biggest cases in the study of the Martian environment. The region is characterized by five pyramids and a rock formation in the shape of a human face.

Role in X-ComEdit

In X-Com: UFO Defense, late in the game, research confirms Cydonia as the location of the main base of the Aliens, containing cloning and manufacturing facilities, as well as Elerium mines and other major facilities. The entrance is a cargo elevator hidden in one of the five pyramids. To reach Cydonia, the X-Com forces require at least one Avenger craft, for the Avenger is the only X-Com craft capable of space flight. Failure or aborting the mission results in an instant Game Over.

The first phase of the mission takes place on the surface of Mars. The goal is to get the troops to the elevator in one of the five pyramids. This area is guarded by a horde of Sectoids, supported by their robotic Cyberdiscs.

The second phase takes place in the base itself, and the ultimate goal is to find the central command room and find the brains behind the Alien invasion, an organic computer that resembles a giant brain (can you say Mother Brain?) and its Ethereal bodyguard. Destroying the brain will complete the mission and ultimately win the game.

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