D’ouw and the D’aul, The

Alien Grey DOUW
The D'ouw

Primary Location

Within the Orion Systems; Milky Way Galaxy


Currently Unknown though suspected to be widely scattered


approx. 3.0 meters





Sapient Level



Severely organized, motivated, and self interested


No known records currently exist


The D'aul, genetically modified clone subrace


Racial interference, interspecies hybridization, technology acquisition


Throughout the cooperative agreements placed upon the D’ouw race by Draconis and also utilizing their own vast resources, the D’ouw genetically modified clone sub-race, the D’aul, had been directed to closely follow the movements and doings of Man some time before the outbreak of hostilities in Lyra. It is believed that the D’aul were the ones who had followed Man to Centaurus and had ultimately infiltrated the homeworld. The purpose was not just to destabilize any or all of Man’s worlds but also to inject a hybridization process into the race of Man as part of their destabilization. The D’ouw already maintained a long running hybridization project which had evidently accelerated upon the arrival of Man in Lyra as the D’ouw had long been facing reproductive entropy. Due to their own growing and clearly debilitating genetic cul-de-sac, it had been decided by the D’ouw independently from Draconis’ direction to continue with attempts at hybridization for not only the survival of their species, but in an effort to undermine the stability and clear organization of Man on behalf of Draconis.

Originally the D’ouw were the predominant force to be reckoned with in their systems in Orion. Their early travels too had taken them to many other systems which had subsequently brushed them up against the Cekahrr. The D’ouw can still be found in Orion and not surprisingly Sirius, as well as other portions of the Draconian empire and their own unhindered and individually isolated D’aul systems.

These cold and unemotional beings were well suited to the tasks at hand. They were all methodical and robot-like scientists, logisticians, manipulative and subversive agents and informants, and as such had not much stomach for open warfare though technologically could fare quite well if pushed to it. They can also be classified as parasitic, though more by their active love for subversion than necessarily the usual physical intrusion – even though they do interfere in this way as well.


  • Alien gray DAUL

    The D'aul

    The D’ouw also differed in outward appearance from the genetic manipulations of the younger D’aul to varying degrees across the millennia, even though they were technically now the same species, relatively speaking. Their apparent desire to meddle was not confined to just their interactions with others. The entire species could vary in height from as little as 1.5 meters for the D'aul, to as tall as 3 meters in height for the D'ouw. Though their general features were all very similar regardless of appearance, practically the entire majority of D’aul had been genetically modified at a very early stage of their existence and for this reason exhibited the usual problems including being faced with serious and eventual reproductive entropy by genetic failures.

What they lacked in practically nonexistent physical strength they made up for in high technology. It has been suggested that the D’ouw not only developed their own technologies but also had “acquired” certain objects of interest from other races – both known and unknown. Inherently, the D’ouw ownership and use of their archaic knowledge and technology was well understood.

Though one would assume that due to the technological expertise of the D’ouw in relation to the Cekahrr, they could have easily altered the course of this history. Unfortunately, the seemingly symbiotic relationship between the two cultures made them a disturbingly perfect match. The D’ouw in their own unique ways allowed the Draconians oversight in favor of their protective military power and control, whether out of fear or simple resignation is anyone’s guess. The Cekahrr likewise utilized both the D’ouw and the subsequently cloned D’aul as roving and subversive spies and as a subordinate technological advantage to the empire’s ultimate goals. In the long term it is unsure if there has ever been any change to this arrangement.

Grey alien COVER

D'ouw wearing head cover

Their ability to operate from a position of silence and obscurity is most likely what led to their subsequent infiltration in Centaurus.

Excerpt from "The Book of Man"

Reprinted by Permission

Copyright © 2010-2015 Brian O

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