General Information
Homeworld depend on the host
Habitat depend on the host
Height depend on the host
Weight depend on the host
Locomotion depend on the host
Sapience Level depend on the host
Behavior Drones
Language depend on the host
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

DNAliens are half-alien drones that are the Highbreed's minions and half-of the host species. Utilizing special identity masks, they can become anyone. Which would mean that they could be anywhere and anyone. There are millions of them, and they are commonly battled by the Tennysons and Kevin. A way for Humans to transform into the ugly creatures are Xenocytes.

They can attack, attack and merge with a victim, and Gwen's brother Ken was shortly a DNAlien. They can shoot goop just like Stinkfly and Spitter. To survive the climate they use weather machines, and use them to make the climate cold, rainy, or snowy. Their reliance on cold weather does not make them immune to cold-based powers as such some of the DNAliens were frozen by Ben as Big Chill. Lots of them were sent to the Null Void by Max Tennyson.

Behind the scenesEdit

DNAliens have appeared in many Ben 10: Alien Force episodes. starting with "Ben 10 Returns Part 1". DNAliens are captured by Tetramand Manny and Kinceleran Helen in Ben 10 Alien Force episode Plumber's Helpers with help from Helen's older, adoptive brother, Pierce.

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