Dak Hamee was a Hork-Bajir Seer, lover of Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan and freedom fighter during the Yeerk invasion of Hork-Bajir homeworld.


Dak Hamee is married to Aldrea after she became a Nothlit. Together they raise their son, Seerow Hamee. Seerow Hamee had only one known son, Jara Hamee. Dak's great-granddaughter, Toby Hamee, is a Seer just ike him.

His Early LifeEdit

Dak Hamee was always different his friends and family. As a Seer, Dak is able to comprehend much more than the average Hork-Bajir. His ability to understand set him apart from a very young age.

Durring The WarEdit

After her family was stationed on the Hork-Bajir homeworld, Aldrea befriended Dak Hamee. Even though she knew she shouldn't, Aldrea told him about her life, her people and her family, and showed him the morphing technology. Dak, in turn, showed Aldrea the simple life that his people led, high in the trees, harvesting bark.


Him and Aldrea

Soon after Aldea met Dak, the Yeerks arrived, intending to conquer and enslave the Hork-Bajir. Sensing an Andalite  presence on the planet, they fired their Shredders from orbit, destroying Aldrea's home and killing her family. Fighting off the Yeerk Esplin 9466 and his forces, who had begun to infest Hork-Bajir, Aldrea and Dak escaped to an area of the planet known as "Father Deep". There, they discovered monsters and settlements built by another species inhabiting the planet called the Arn.

The Arn revealed that they had created the Hork-Bajir to care for the trees above; without the trees to provide atmospheric balance, the Arn could not survive. Aldrea used this knowledge to pressure the Arn into creating more monsters to fight the Yeerks with. During the ensuing battle, Aldrea was able to get a message to the Andalite home world, and later, an Andalite force led by Alloran-Semitur-Corrass arrived.

However, Alloran soon tired of the seemingly hopeless guerilla warfare that his small force was forced to conduct against the much larger Yeerk force, while Dak also became bitter and angry at how he had been forced to help his people become killers. He used the Arn's technology to create a Quantum Virus that would kill all Hork-Bajir, denying them as hosts to the Yeerks. Aldrea discovered his plan and she and Dak worked to prevent the virus's release, Aldrea's dedication to try and save Dak's people helping Dak realize that he loved her despite their differences. However, due to Yeerk intervention, they were unsuccessful, and the virus was released throughout the planet, killing a huge percentage of the population. During these events, Aldrea morphed a Hork-Bajir female named Delf Hajool and accidentally stayed too long in morph, trapping herself and becoming a nothlit. The Andalite forces soon abandoned the Hork-Bajir world to the Yeerks, leaving Aldrea behind. Dak and Aldrea married and had a son, whom they named Seerow after Aldrea's father.


Two years after his birth, they were rooted out and killed by the Yeerks, and Seerow was made a Controller. Before they died, both Aldrea and Dak agreed to make a record of their memories and personalities - known as an Ixcila - and had an Arn named Quafijinivon store them in his lab. However, Dak Hamee's Ixcila was destroyed during a raid.

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