The Dantari were a race of nomadic beings native to the planet Dina IV. They roamed the coastal plains in small, peaceful tribe. Little was known of the Dantari culture, as they kept to themselves and remained aloof from the Alliance personnel which were garrisoned there during the early years of the Alliance. Later, the Eol Sha colonists were unaware of the Dantari, and were eradicated by Daala's forces before contact could be made. Oddly enough, the Dantari suddenly began to incorporate Imperial symbols into their own daily lives, tattooing images of AT-AT walkers and blasters on their skin. The bravest of the Dantari had full-body images of stormtrooper armor, giving them the impression of being invincible. As a people, the Dantari were generally human in stature, with dark hair and wide, flat faces.

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