General Information
Scientific name Nebulians
Homeworld Dezalium
Body Type Humanoid
Skin Colors Light Blue to White.
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Xenophobic, aggressive, militaristic.
Language Nebulian
Status Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Blazers

Description Edit

The Dark Nebula Empire (also known as the Nebulians) are a race of cyborg beings from the Star Blazers Universe. Their skin ranges from light blue to white and their eyes are bright blue or bright red. They are a highly advanced species with a large empire spanning from the core of their holdings, their namesake The Dark Nebula.

History Edit

Early History Edit

While most their early history is unknown the Dark Nebula Empire originally was from our universe, however they eventually ended up in an empty universe called the Galaxy of Light. Stories conflict over how they were sent to the Galaxy of Light, either retreating there after starting to develop their cyborg technology or being banished to it by another species. However they ended up in the Galaxy of Light they eventually breached their way back into our universe in 2121 and took up residence in the Dark Nebula.

For over the next 80 years they quietly built up their military forces and slowly expanded their empire. At some point before 2199 they began to exhaust their resources and were forced to rapidly expand.

First Dark Nebula War Edit

The first encounter by any of the major powers with the Nebulians was by the Gamilons in 2201 when they were returning to their homeworld Gamilon. Seeing a Nebulian mining facility harvesting resources from the planet the enraged Gamilons opened fire on facility and its small protection fleet. The chain reaction from facility's destruction ripped Gamilon apart and threw its sister planet Iscandar out of its orbit and into deep space. Seeing a Nebulian reinforcement fleet heading for Iscandar, the Gamilons circled the planet and sent an emergency signal to Earth. The Earth Space Battleship Argo arrived in the Sanza (Gamilon) system and joined the Gamilons in battle against the Nebulians. After a long battle the Nebulian fleet was eventually destroyed although Iscandar was annihilated in the process.

Second Dark Nebula War Edit

A year after first contact with the Dark Nebula Empire, the Nebulians launched a full scale invasion of the Sol System. With only an experimental automated fleet to defend Earth (Most of Earth's maned vessels were on the edges of Earth's territory, defending it against the possibility of a second invasion by the White Comet Empire) the Nebulians swept through Earth's defenses and landed troops in Earth's capitol and other major military bases. Earth's government quickly capitulated, although a small military-civilian resistance arouse to fight the occupation. The crew of the Space Battleship Argo escaped and made it to a secret base on the Asteroid Icarus were the Argo was hidden while it was being upgraded. A series of running battles with the Dark Nebula Empire while on the way to the Dark Nebula drew the invasion fleet out of the Sol System and allowed the remnants of Earth's military to launch a counter attack. The Argo eventually made it to the Nebulian homeworld Dezalium and Dezalium was destroyed. With hostilities renewed Earth's manned fleet destroyed the Nebulian ships left in the Sol System and ground forces drove the Nebulian military off of Earth.

Post Dark Nebula Wars Edit

The Dark Nebula Empire has not been encountered by Earth since the end of the Second War. Earth military officials believe they have either gone extinct or retreated to some obscure region of their former empire to prepare for a third war.

Military Edit

The Dark Nebula Empire's military doctrine is bigger is better. Nebulian ships are much larger then their Earth or Gamilon counterparts. With a Nebulian Corvette being about 16,000 tons compared to their Earth or Gamilon equivalents being about 4,000-6,000 tons. Dark Nebula Empire ships use a highly volatile form of propulsion called Beta Energy. Beta Energy allows for the Nebulians to build their larger ships and their ultimate weapon, the Direct Fire Beta Energy Cannon. Nebulian weapons are also more powerful and longer ranged then other species, however their ships carry fewer weapons due to the energy drain. Nebulian Battleships and Space Fortresses are also covered with a special armor called Supra Armor. Supra Armor is immune to most standard ship fire, only vulnerable to specifically designed armor-piercing warheads and super weapon fire. Nebulian vessels are also more maneuverable then their Earth or Gamilon counterparts with specially designed lateral thrusters allowing for rapid horizontal movement.


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