Metroid Dark Suit Artwork

The Dark Suit is a fusion of the Chozo Power Suit with Luminoth technology. It is designed to minimize the effects of Dark Aether's caustic atmosphere, slowing down the rate of energy lost to about one point per second.

In Metroid Prime 2: EchoesEdit

This is the first of the only two suit upgrades in the game, and it is the suit that is used for the bulk of the game (from between its acquirement after the Amorbis battle to after restoring the Sanctuary Temple after the Quadraxis battle) until Samus gets the aptly named Light Suit. The suit is a big help, for its resistance to Dark Aether's atmosphere allows Samus to spend more time outside of light crystal safe zones.


The Dark Suit's appearance breaks away from the standard Power Suit in many ways. For one, the Dark Suit's armor has sharper edges than the Power Suit, which usually had smooth armor. The infamous shoulder pads are even larger than the Varia Suit's, and look sort of like pods. On that note, the Dark Suit's Morph Ball looks like the shoulder pads clamped together. The suit's back is molded to accommodate a "backpack module", such as the Gravity Boost. Virtually every piece of the suit has a rusty brown color, with the huge exception of the Arm Cannon, and the helmet's visor is tinted orange, like the Phazon Suit.


Generally, the Dark Suit can do whatever the equipped modules allow it to do. The most notable ability is that it can resist the dangerously corrosive atmosphere of Dark Aether, allowing Samus to explore Dark Aether instead of making mad dashes between light crystal safe zones. When equipped with the Gravity Boost, it grants Samus unhindered mobility underwater, much like the Gravity Suit, and can be used like a jetpack underwater after doing a Space Jump.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)

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