The Darkstar One is a hyper-advanced long-range fighter craft from the game of the same name (Darkstar One). The ship, in its most basic form, is a small interceptor (or Hunter as they are called in the game) with a wasp paintjob (black and yellow) with glowing green spots riddled throughout the hull. The Darkstar was built by Simon Jarvis, co-founder of SimRob Securities, from strange yet powerful alien artifacts. When enough of these artifacts are collected, they allow the Darkstar to upgrade itself by making certain areas grow in strength and size. Simon had intended to give the ship to his son, Kayron, when he had completed his training. However, he was killed by the S'kaa prior to the events of the game, after being betrayed by his partner Robert Altair.

The ship's design, as it would appear, is a sophisticated blend of organic componets and advanced technology. The organic artifacts, when implemented, allow the Darkstar to grow in strength by upgrading certain portions of the ship. The wing upgrades provide agility and forward guns. The hull upgrades boost the ship's armor(health) and provide turret hard points. The engine upgrades boost the energy recharge rates for the ship's weapons and shields, decrease inertia from towing containers and provide hard points for pieces internal equipment, like a landing computer or cargo scan jammer. The Darkstar's versatility doesn't stop there though. Because of its incredible design, it is able to mount equipment from any alien race, from Mortok Railguns and Raptor Ion Cannons to Oc'to Graviton Guns and Thul Photon Cannons. But there is one more thing that sets the Darkstar apart from the rest. A powerful weapon that exemplifies the Darkstar's versatility to the fullest. The weapon is called the Plasma Cannon, and true to the name, it uses plasma energy attacks to even the odds in a battle. There are two sets of three abilities that either service the ship directly or inflict debilitating ailments to enemy ships, with the exception of cruisers. The Support abilities give power to the weapons and shields, and can also generate an impenetrable Plasma Shield that can damage enemies by ramming. The so-called Crowd Control abilities can overload shields, temporarily disable weapons and engines and even freeze targets in time. The abilities can unlocked and upgraded by collecting enough artifacts to get a ship upgrade.


It is possible that the artifacts that the Darkstar was made from were made by the S'kaa, since the last artifact is collected by destroying the S'kaa Mothership. But since the S'kaa came from another galaxy, the chances are remote.

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