Planet Daxam

Planet of the daxamites, which before had indigenous inhabitants who lived isolated in caves, influenced in God's religion Sard, were sensitive to lead, these natives were part of an ancient descendants of a group slaves survivors of a distant planet for evil demons pirates, but a god warrior of the same galaxy called Sard save them and sacrificed his life leaving everyone on the planet, Sard was venerated as a god then. 100 years later, 800 Kryptonian rebels separated from Krypton came later to colonize, and this union of two people born Daxam, a planet hostile to other species rules out Daxam, governed by religious law.

Daxam is the third and last planet of the sun red dwarf called Valor, both Daxam and Valor, are names of Kryptonian origin, the red moon Daxam and sard call, believing the stories of indigenous ancestors, which is the tomb of him where his ship crashed, considered the god observer of the night. The daxamites are similar to Kryptonian, but are not weakened by kryptonite, but through lead, heritage of their indigenous ancestors.

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