General Information
Homeworld Daxam
Height Human height
Diet Omnivorous (presumed)
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe DC Universe

Daxamites are a humanoid race hailing from the planet Daxam. They are descended from Kryptonian settlers who interbred with the prehistoric Daxam natives, as such, they are the cousins of the Kryptonians and posses the same powers and abilities under a yellow sun. They were renowned for their biochemical research. They are fatally hyper-allergic to lead, though by the 31st century, they will have found a cure, enabling them to become renowned space explorers.

It is believed that the Daxamites are descendants of a large separatist group of Kryptonians that left Krypton to live in another world in the first mission to colonize a dwarf red star, a thousand years before the end of Krypton.

They started at the beginning of the Kryptonian era when an alien race visited Krypton in prehistory, led by Bertron scientist, he and his team were responsible for creating the monster "Doomsday" that eliminated all the aliens, using one of their ships to leave Krypton to space, the rest of these ships were used by the primitive Kryptonians, giving the beginning the technological evolution in Krypton. 500 years later, Krypton was already mastering its technologies, initiating galactic exploration to other planets for 100 years. With the invasion of a hostile alien race called Vrangs, Krypton surrendered to them, where the Kryptonians became slaves for 5 years, Admiral Val-OR led a warring troop succeeding in ending slavery in Krypton by expelling all Vrangs, sacrificing his own life, his body was buried under his monument, beginning the foundation of the city of Kandor, after this event, the individual government of Krypton changed to a single government, which commanded the whole planet, the high council.


Mon-EL (Lar GAND) The daxamite.

The high council ordered the decommissioning of the Kryptonian exploratory ships and their withdrawal from service, all of them returning to Krypton, minus one, of Captain Dax-AM, who did not agree with the new Krypton government, deciding to stay in a new world, revolted with death of his friend Val-OR, Dax-AM baptized the planet in his name as Daxam and the red dwarf sun of Valor in honor of his mentor, 800 Kryptonian immigrants living in a new world. In course of time, the Kryptonian found an isolated tribe indigenous "Ogigi" to the outside world living in caves as xenophobics and religious, disciples of your god Sard, avoiding  the lead contamination in the few places on planet, with time, there was the unification between Kryptonian and the indigenous tribe, began a new race admixture, the daxamites. The Kryptonian customs were erased by the descendants to start a new daxamite idealism. 300 years after the formation daxamite complete, the scientists of Daxam excluded all lead poisoning material in Planet, further magnifying the lives of residents of the planet. Through the ages, the daxamites founded a new religious and xenophobic order known as "eradicators" avoiding contact with other planets, founding the government's white triangle with strict laws to daxamites. The heritage of daxamites have the same powers of Kryptonian and the weakness of his former indigenous ancestors by lead, however! the daxamites are not affected by the deadly Kryptonite, but the healing anti-kryptonite (piece of Argo City) decreases the lead poisoning. Three thousand years after the Kryptonian colonization, after the mixing of indigenous xenophobic, Daxam is considered as an isolated planet in its sector in space, gradually the xenophobic prejudice that ending the doctrines of Sodam Yat and Mon-El as the legendary free will daxamite the population, and some get to know the outside world, even risking their lives for the benefit of a dream for the beginning of the change of other daxamites generations.

Despite forgetting to Krypton customs, Daxamites retain the religious customs of their indigenous descendants, worshipping God "Sard" positioning the xenophobic laws on the planet.

Zax-Vane, the first rebel to leave Daxam to go krypton, gave the story to the high council of Krypton, and the first daxamite immigration history on Krypton, 300 years before the end of Krypton.

Lar-Gand, (Mon-EL) the second rebel is against xenophobia daxamite, when he found the Kal-EL teenager, the Kryptonian survivor on earth, was exposed to lead, Kal-El saves his life flipping straight to Phantom Zone, who was jailed for 12 years. During Visit the Legion to Superman, Mon-El is free of prison Phantom Zone, won a lead poisoning healing through Brainiac 5 extracted of the chemical for anti kryptonite , going to live in the 31 century.

Sodam Yat , (Green Lantern) Was forced to leave his planet to be chosen by a mutant alien before he died in Daxam sector, which added to the ring ion mutation to Sodam, getting used to become a soldier hero.

Ol-VIR, was part of the army of the Dominators in the invasion of the earth, when his family was killed in Imperiex troop invasion that almost took Daxam, his plans changed when he meets Darkseid in the battle against the Justice League, being a faithful soldier of Apokolips during time travel to the future, Darkseid orders and his attack troops the Legion of Super heroes, Ol-VIR meets Mon-EL making his decision to stay in the future and disinheriting Darkseid for joining the Legion, passing the lead poisoning cure of Desaad to Brainiac 5, in the ultimate perfection of daxamite healing.

Zarl Vorne, was born in Daxam, was taken from his parents as a child during the abduction of the dominators in Daxam, it was sold by Darkseid in Apokolips to be a warrior in the battle arena, known as "Powerboy" was cured of lead poisoning for scientist Desaad the anti-kryptonite, during the rebellion, he fled Apokolipse led by Big Barda to earth, currently Zarl Vorne is part of the team of "New Titans".

Julia "Kap" of Daxam, A Daxamite prisoner on Hope's End who joined Wonder Woman's resistance against Sangtee Empire.

Telos Usr, The Daxamite who was inducted into the White Lantern Corps.

Si Bar, Daxamite used as a sun generator by other aliens until Superman was needed as a replacement and Si Bar passed away after being freed by Superman and Batman.

Cla'mon was one of four Daxamite political dissidents, who were rescued by the Justice League when the life-support systems on their space ark's stasis tubes failed. Cla'mon quickly established himself as leader of the group, and led them to make the Earth a better place after they developed powers like Superman after exposure to Earth's yellow sun. When he led them to overthrow and even try to kill the corrupt leadership of Qurac, he wound up leading his fellows into battle with the Justice League. After being shown (thanks to Cla'dek, his sister) that they were unintentionally endangering the people of Qurac, Cla'mon led the four to leave Earth and resume their fight for freedom on Daxam.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Members of this species are known to develop powers similar to those of Kryptonians when exposed to the direct influence of a yellow sun.

  • Superhuman Strength — Possess Kryptonian-level super-strength. They can bend steel, crush diamonds, lift objects hundreds of times their own weight, send grown humans flying with the slightest touch, do the work of several laborers in half the time and stop a full-speed locomotive all with their bare hands and all with ease. Their grip is like steel and they can leap the tallest buildings with a single bound. While not infinite, their physical strength is incalculable and unstoppable.
  • Superhuman Speed — Can move, react, and fly faster than a speeding bullet, at speeds that exceed a hundred miles per hour and break the sound barrier. Their reflexes, coordination and perceptions are similarly superhuman. They can reach speeds at up to Mach 500.
  • Heightened Senses — Daxamites have uncannily powerful senses, such as a razor-sharp sense of hearing. They can see across continents and at the molecular level.
  • Eidetic Memory — They have perfect recall.
  • Healing Factor — They heal quickly and with more finality than humans. They are immune to earthly disease and illness, with the exception of those brought on by lead (lead poisoning, etc.).
  • Near-Invulnerability — Their bodies are stronger than titanium and are virtually impervious to harm. Gunfire, explosions, extreme temperatures and heights have no effects on them.
  • Superhuman Stamina — They do not need to eat, sleep, or breathe and can survive unaided in deep space and underwater.
  • Heat Vision — Can burn objects with their gaze.
  • Freeze Breath
  • Vortex Breath — The tornado-like force of their breath can extinguish mighty fires and change the course of mighty rivers.
  • X-Ray Vision — Can see through solid objects such as walls.
  • Flight


  • Lead — Up until the 31st century, they were fatally allergic to lead, even with their powers.
  • Red Sunlight — Like Kryptonians they are rendered powerless by the light of a red sun, real or synthetic.
  • Magic — They are vulnerable to magic.