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Decoys (from the 2004 film of the same name) are an unnamed, endangered, sexually aggressive reptilian species hailing somewhere from the Belt of Orion, likely an ice world. They require sub-zero temperatures to survive and breed. They came to Earth with the intent of mating with its young male population before taking over the planet.


The Decoys originate somewhere in the Belt of Orion on a planet with sub-zero temperatures. Their gene pool is shrinking, causing them to look for planets whose male inhabitants were suitable for both procreation and domination.

Racial Characteristics & BiologyEdit

Decoys are reptilian in their true form, with slimy scales and spikes growing from their spines. While mating, they expel tentacles from their navels, which is located between their breasts, which then enter the male via the mouth to incubate and release the eggs. It is unknown what process the human male's body endures while "pregnant" with the Decoy's offspring, although a successful offspring is half-human, suggesting that the eggs take genetic material from their male hosts during gestation. Unfortunately, the mating process causes the area around the partners as well as the internal body temperature of the human to drop to sub-zero. Causing external and internal freezing, which can prove fatal to humans.

In human form, Decoys generally take on an appearance that fits the feminine ideal of most male adolescence. The one commodity in their human appearance is that their hair is always blonde, with only one exception. Their only physical differentiation when compared to humans is a lack of a navel, as their species does not require umbilical cords to give birth.

Infant Decoys appear as a crustacean creature. During the birthing process, the offspring crawls out of the father's mouth after a 3 day gestation period. This, however, is not the case in Decoys 2: Second Seduction, in which case a full human-Decoy hybrid appears as a large, aggressive, worm-like creature with glowing red eyes, tentacles and a full set of fangs.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Decoys' extraterrestrial biology and unearthly or otherworldly nature affords them several innate inhuman abilities unique to their species and which give them several physical and mental advantages over humans to allow them to seduce, overpower and outrun a human; all of which they utilize in their effort to breed with humans and remain undetected. These inhuman powers are purely physical and psychic in nature.

Decoy female mating process

  • Super Strength: Decoys are stronger than humans and can subdue their mates with ease. They have also been seen to rip metal doors of its hinges with their bare hands and lift grown young men off the ground by their throats single-handed. The extent of their super strength in unknown but they are at least twice as strong as the average strongman with a muscle capacity sufficient to press roughly one ton and reshape steel in their bare hands.
  • Super Speed: Decoys are faster than humans and run with a reptilian, scattering grace at high speeds that allow them to quickly outrun and escape humans. While inhuman, their super speed does not afford them speed enough to outrun bullets.
  • Super Agility: Decoys are very agile and flexible, able to scale walls and jump to great heights.
  • Telepathy: Decoys can communicate telepathically with each other across long distances and can also read the minds of their mates by making eye contact.
  • Hypnosis: Decoys can hypnotize their mates to a certain degree by looking into their eyes as well as read their minds to determine what kind of sexual desires, fetishes, and fantasies they like.
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    Decoy disguised as a female blonde.

    Shapeshifting: Decoys can assume Human form and by reading the minds of their mates, they can take on whatever form and clothing their Human mates find attractive and sexually arousing.


Exposure to intense heat will kill Decoys, causing them to explode into ash.


Decoys posses above Earth-level technology, including but not limited to interstellar space travel and cloning capabilities.