General Information
Homeworld Zerus
Height Not Determined
Diet Liquified Vespene Gas and processed mineral crystals, possibly carnivorous
Sapience Level Limited Sapience (all sapience from Queen of The Swarm)
Behind the Scenes
Universe StarCraft Universe

This article is based on the breeds under The Swarm or Zerg of the StarCraft Universe. The Swarm are generally arthropods given their complex exoskeleton every different mutations or breeds. They are considered The Swarm for their rapid collective mutation and their type of expansion wherein they can only mutate and develop from the same spot of their Hatchery or their Queen’s nest.


Given that Zerg creatures mutates from different stages of the Lair (Hatchery), this breed only mutates from the highest level of Lair which is the Hive. Only from this mutation the Defiler Mound can be derived from where the Defiler’s abilities can be learned.


The Defiler looks a lot like a cross between a scorpion and that of a silverfish, however it has also been pointed out as resembling rove beetles as well. The way it moves resembles a typical silverfish but its exoskeleton looks a lot like a combination of the body of a centipede as well as the head of a scorpion. It carries toxic substances used to support other breeds of The Swarm. Given this, Zerglings usually escort this valuable breed in attacking other breeds. This breed of The Swarm carries with it every Zerg’s genetic code used for production of carcinogenic poisons used in its different abilities.


Dark Swarm

Defiler's Dark Swarm

It is only through the presence of the Defiler Mound can these abilities be developed/learned.

  • Consume: The Defiler can devour its own species to replenish its own energy stores.
  • Metasynaptic Node: This ability allows the Defiler a faster rate of bio-toxin secretion.
  • Dark Swarm: The Defiler can create a thick orange-cloud of insects (a swarm) that serves as support or cover for their own breed and distracts enemy units.

Defiler's Plague

  • Plague: This disgusting ability of Defiler uses spores and produces a more dense cloud compared to that of Dark Swarm and eventually corrodes its target.


  • The Defilers were only found in the first installment of StarCraft.
    • This may mean that the Queen of Blades eventually stopped using them in lieu of focusing on other Zerg strains. While this could indicate that they are now functionally extinct, it could also mean that they are no longer in combative service to the Swarm.


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