The Delrakkins were a race of lizard-like humanoids native to the planet of the same name. Most of the Delrakkins lived underground, to escape the planet's vicious storms. Those that lived aboveground were concentrated within the borders of Delrakkin City, until the Empire subjugated the planet and drove all of the Delrakkins underground. The Alliance's leadership later discovered that Delrakkin was the test site of a device which would prevent starships from entering hyperspace, and that the entire Delrakkin race was to be eliminated in order to maintain the secrecy of the project. The ruse was predicated on an Imperial attack on Delrakkin city, although the Imperial pilots were using X-Wings, to make it appear as if the Alliance was behind the attacks. The contaminated bacta on the first Death Star was to have been used to "heal" the Delrakkins in the wake of the attack, although it really would have killed them. The plan was for the Delrakkins to readily accept the bacta as a gift in the wake of the attacks, when in reality it was laced with a chemical that would kill the Delrakkins. Only a downed Alliance pilot managed to expose the plans, saving the Delrakkins from certain death.

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