Universe Metroid Universe
Homeworld Zebes
Average Height Very Large
Diet Carnivorous
Intellectual Level Non-Sapient

Deorems (known to Galactic Federation scientists as X-56V) are gargantuan worms that burrow through the rocky strata of the rogue planet Zebes' Crateria sector, although they are found within Brinstar as well, likely indicating the most probable location for feeding habits. A notable tactic of its is to entrap a foe between its hardened carapace and strike at it with its mandibles, however it is not known if this is a natural behavior or if it is caused somehow by Mother Brain's tampering of the ecosystem. As they can burst out to attack organisms that it otherwise would be unable to know are there, it likely has a powerful sense — most likely either hearing (presumably through a multitude of spiracles, or touch (perhaps through their many legs).

Deorem Attack 2

A particularly persistant Deorem faces off against Samus Aran.

Because of planet Zebes' destruction and no known examples of the organism off-world, it is officially classified as extinct.

Appearances Edit

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