Derelict (Lifeforce)
General Information
Length 150 Miles
Locomotion Unknown (Possible Lifeforce Energy)
Armaments {{{armaments}}}
Species Origin Energy Vampires

The Derelict is the spacecraft utilized by the Energy Vampires in the 1985 film "Lifeforce".

Lifeforce (1985)Edit

The derelict that transported the Female and two male vampires was hidden in Halley's Comet until the HMS Churchill discovered it while exploring the comet. Col. Tom Carlsen and a group of other members of the British-American expedition entered the ship and found the three bodies, taking them from the ship and aboard the Churchill.

It would be later on that the ship was in orbit of the Earth. above the St. Paul's Cathedral absorbing the lifeforces of an entire city populace. The ship didn't leave until Carlsen and the female ascended to the suspended animation chamber of the craft and left for Halley's Comet.


Suspended Animation

The derelict is a massive bio-engineered vessel, approximately 150 miles long. In appearance it looks rather slender for a ship that size and possesses no known living quarters or life support systems of any kind. It is unknown what the vessel's fuel or engine type is, however it is conceivable that the vessel runs on the lifeforces of beings that the vampires have collected. The ship does possess a large room, containing the bodies of deceased vampires that have since dissolved into dust.

The next room contains three crystal-like forcefield cases, housing two males and one female in suspended animation. It was these same vampires that were brought to Earth for further testing only for them to be released.

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