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General Information
Homeworld Darwin IV
Locomotion Flying
Diet Amoebic Sea
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Darwin IV Universe

Diskflyers are small, non-sapient flying creatures native to the planet Darwin IV. Their mouth is located on the underside of their disk-shaped bodies. They probably propel themselves through the air by combusting methane gas in jet pods, like do other flying creatures of the planet, such as Skewers.

Diskflyers live in or around the Amoebic Sea region. Sometimes they land on the "sea" surface to rest and feed on the jelly-like substance that composes it. Although Diskflyers live and fly in large groups, they are territorial creatures: each group operates in a distinct, four kilometer square territory. It is unknown whether young Diskflyers remain in the territory in which they were born, or leave to find their own territory and possibly start their own group.

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