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General Information
Homeworld Dracon
Height Same as Humans
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Drac
Subspecies/Races None known
Behind the Scenes
Universe Enemy Mine

Dracs are a reptilian humanoid race from planet Dracon which fought a war against Humans in the late 21st century.



These beings are excellent swimmers. They have scaly skin, three large-clawed fingers on each hand and are hermaphrodites, reproducing asexually.


For a Drac, giving birth to an offspring is not a choice; they all do it spontaneously at some point of their life. When it comes the time for the young Drac to be accepted in the society, their parent must sing their entire family ancestry line in the presence of the Holy Council of Dracon.



Drac Talman

Drac Talman

Most Dracs seem to follow the teachings of Shismar, an ancient Drac prophet, which are written in a small book called Talman.


The Dracs believe the hatt all living a spirit. This Spirit directs the creature and his actions and deeds. The spirit of a living being determined, whether it is good or evil. The Dracs also believe that the mind has an inner strength that is until his creatures dies.



The Dracs have a high technical understanding. From the writings of the Old Drac's apparent that they have colonized the galaxy at least 1000 years before the humans. Their spaceships have a flat, plate-like shape and are equipped with a powerful drive.

Notable Dracs Edit

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