Galaxy Milky Way
Suns 1
Moons 3
Orbital period Less than one year, based on the incubation periods of the Drac.
Atmosphere Breathable (Nitrogen/Oxygen)
Gravity ~1.0
Primary terrain Tropical/Jungle
Surface water Abundant
Points of interest Holy Council chambers
Native fauna Drac
Primary languages Drac
Government Holy Council
Population Millions
Demonym Drac
Behind the Scenes
Universe Enemy Mine
Creator Barry M. Longyear
Dracon is a tropical/jungle world that is primarily known for being the home of the reptilian species, the Drac.

Physical characteristics Edit

The planet is predominantly a water world that boasts hundreds of small islands and island chains. The islands have a tropical climate and possibly heavily forested jungles and rain forests.

Habitability Edit

The Drac are the only known creature as well as the dominant lifeform on the planet. Since Drac and Terrans share similar requirements for survival, it is safe to assume that Dracon has a stable Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere with an atmospheric pressure similar to that of the Earth, as well as, similar surface gravity.

Speculation Edit

The Dracon Empire and its longtime enemy, the BTA are thought to have reconciled their differences and allowed to partake in mutual cooperative exploration and colonization of planets.

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