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General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Height 1.5–3.7 m (5-12ft)
Diet Carnivore
Language Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Real (Speculation)

Draconians are also called Reptilians, Reptoids,or Reptiloids. They are race of aliens that mankind has speculated to exist, but no current proof has been shown.


Draconian's are described as a humanoid lizard with three toed feet and a tail. They are bipedal, which leaves their arms available for manipulating objects using their hands, aided by an opposable claw.

Their body size, determined largely by genes, were influenced by enviromantal factors such as diet and exercise. The average height of an adult is about 1.5 to 3.7 m (5 to 12 feet). The average mass of an adult is estimated at 59 to 93 kg (130lb to 205lb).

Draconian skin is very strong and is capable of enduring far more than a human. The hue of their skin varies as well, though female skin is notably lighter than that of their male counterparts.

Anatomy, Physiology and BiologyEdit

Lifestyle and ReproductionEdit

Draconian's have been speculated to be carnivorous, and are thought to eat humans, preferably infants. Their females give birth to clusters of eggs. From one to six at a time, but have been known to have more. After the eggs  have hatched the mother feeds them solid foods. 

They are said to have an affinity for music... mostly jazz. 



Nothing is known of their religion.


Their society is said to be hierarchical, with females having the upper hand in most situations. It is believed that the females control the mating process.


They are said to have evolved from a dinosaur-like species, either from earth, or the Alpha Draconis system. 


The extent of their technology is unknown, but they have the ability to traverse the galaxy, and remain undetected if they so choose.


  • According David Icke once conteded that George W Bush, Queen Elizabeth II and several of our leaders are related to these aliens.
  • Vick Santillano ranked the notion that "Reptilian humanoids control all of us" as one of the 10 most popular conspiracy theories.


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