Universe Warcraft Universe
System Unknown
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain Plains, Swamps
Notable Species Draenei, Orcs, Ogres

Draenor was the homeworld of the Orcish race and the last refuge of the Draenei before their arrival on Azeroth.

When the Orc shaman Ner'zhul recklessly opened dimensional portals to find new worlds to conquer, Draenor was torn apart and believed completely lost; however, a large fragment of the world remained intact. That fragment is known today as Outland.

Background Edit

Several thousand years ago, the Draenei, a faction of the Eredar who opposed the Burning Legion, split from their brethren. They moved from world to world, remaining one step ahead of the Burning Legion. About two hundred and fifty years before the present, the Draenei found a tranquil planet in the void. Having at last outrun the bloodthirsty forces of the Burning Legion, the Draenei settled the planet and named it "Exile's Refuge" in Eredun: "Draenor". The Orcs did not have a name for the place, other than "world", but eventually adopted the Eredun term.

Draenor was a peaceful world dominated by vast plains and luscious swamps. Originally, there were many intelligent races, the most powerful of which were the Orcs. The Orcs lived in a quiet, shamanistic society, until power-hungry leaders, led and manipulated by Gul'dan, made a blood pact with Mannoroth, a general of the Burning Legion, turning the Orcs into bloodthirsty barbarian conquerors. The warlock magics wielded by the Orcs turned Draenor into a dusty wasteland. While the Orcs, under orders from Kil'jaeden, decimated the Draenei, enslaved the Ogres, and gained dark dominion over Draenor. Before the Horde could destroy themselves in their bloodlust, Medivh and Gul'dan opened the Dark Portal, allowing the Horde access to the world of Azeroth to start a new war and pave the way for the Burning Legion's second invasion of Kalimdor.

What few Draenei survived the purge to their race attempted to load their dimensional ships and launched themselves again into the void in search of a new haven.

Eventually the Horde was beaten back by the Alliance forces, and Draenor became the focus of an attack, via the Dark Portal, by an Alliance Expedition aiming to end the Orcish threat to Azeroth once and for all. In the midst of the ensuing battle the elder shaman Ner'zhul attempted to allow the remaining Orcs on Draenor to escape to other worlds by opening other dimensional portals; however the presence of so many portals tore the planet apart, leaving only torn fragments of the former world floating in the Nether. It ceased to be a material world, and the barely-hospitable remnants were renamed Outland.

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