The Drakh are a sapient alien race in the Babylon 5 universe. The Drakh were dark servants for the race of First Ones known as the Shadows.


The Drakh are stocky in build and have strong endo- and exo-skeletal systems. The Drakh have scaly skin that is dark grey or green in appearance.


The Drakh may have some kind of group mind as Drakh can communicate with other Drakh over long distances. They appear to regard the name "Drakh" as both a collective name and a personal one.


The Drakh grow Keepers, sentient beings that connect to victims on a physical and neurological basis, that they use to control others. Most of the time the Keeper does not directly control its victim. Rather, the Keeper monitors the behavior of the individual. They can make it impossible for a person to move, or can inflict varying levels of pain that can force an individual to bend to the Drakh's will. Keepers normally remain invisible.

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