The Drall were a small, furry, and highly intelligent species found on Drall in the Corellian system. They were descended from burrowing mammals and they were extremely diligent record-keepers, and it was said that they had recorded every trivial event since the dawn of intelligence. Libraries were among their greatest forms of entertainment, as were story-telling sessions called Ta'sharr.

The planet from which they originated was unknown; thousands of years before the Galactic Civil War, the Celestials transported the species to Drall in the Corellian system. Drall was usually hot and members of the species were covered with thick fur. Drall rarely wore any clothes except a belt to carry personal belongings. They were very fond of jewelry composed of ores and gems, which they made into beautiful works of art. Some Drall also believe that they originally hibernated before becoming civilized and build rooms in their houses that remind them of caves. These rooms help the Drall relax and think clearly.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Their notable traits were being small bipeds with furry features who were stated to be descended from burrowing animals. Their faces held a pair of black eyes. They had short muzzles and almond shaped black eyes. Their bodies were covered with fur which ranged from brown and black to reddish-gray. Drall had short limbs with clawed hands and feet. Adult members of the species stood between 0.9 to 1.5 meters tall with females being taller as well as more solidly built when compared to males. The arms are usually longer than their legs, given them higher strength and agility especially when climbing.


They were noted for being natives of the Corellian system and claimed their descent from burrowing animals. Around 35,000 years prior to the Clone Wars, a Drall scientist by the name of Tiran created the Theory of Universal Reference and postulated that the speed-of-light was a boundary that was incapable of being crossed. This was 10,000 years prior to the discovery of hyperdrive technology.

During the Corellian Crisis, Duchess Marcha and Ebrihim worked with Chief of State Leia Organa Solo and put their Drallish minds to uncovering a subterranean planetary repulsor that was used in ancient times to move their world to its current orbit. The Drall repulsor was used to later disable Centerpoint Station when it was being used against the New Republic.


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