The Dramen are a species of beings native to Old Earth during the 40th century, it is said that they are half man, and half Dragon.


It seems possible that they are some form of Mutant but unlike Mutants their traits are fairly standard with little variation between individuals.

Their universal traits are their robust and large frames, their hands have three digits with large talons, and their two toes are essentially large claws. Their facial features vary a bit, but all Dramen have at least two large tusks. And all Dramen like Mutants have the ability to grow wings which enable flight.


The Dramen seemed to be divided amongst several racial groups, each with their own distinct features. There are obvious skin color groups but there is also variation in facial features, particularly the eyes.

There seems to be at least five distinct races, those that are hostile are consistently referred to as Dark Dramen.


Most Dramen seem to be relatively peaceful, and non-combative.


Teh dragons used by Dramen tend to be a 4 legged variety, and they almost always completely lack the head-crests that dragons used by other groups have.

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