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Titan AE Drej Creature

Drej Centaur

The drej are a race of aliens from the movie Titan A.E. In the movie they are the main antagonists , since they are trying to destroy the human race. However they are afraid of what the humans will become. They have some resemblance to other science fiction alien species but not a lot. Their social order seems to consist of two castes: soldiers and what appears to be a king. They do not seem to be capable of speaking english but do have their own consisting mostly of mechanical rumbling noises.

All drej are made entirely out of pure energy and are a deep blue. Despite this they are actually tangible and can manipulate objects just as easily as other sapient races. When a limb is destroyed they can regenerate it in a matter of seconds, possibly by extracting energy from their surrounding environment. Drej can blast portions of their substance at foes but it probably weakens them if they do it too many times. At the front of their heads is what appears to be an eyespot. Their technology is a similar color and is likely made out of the same energies as them. It has been proven that escape from a drej prison is possible by putting to objects against the wall and then separating them.

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