The Dressellians were a race of tall, thin mammalian humanoids with heavily-wrinkled skin. They were often referred to as Prune Faces, a description of their long, wrinkled skulls. Their unusual skull structure served to contain a large brain, making the average Dressellian more quick-witted and intelligent than other humanoids. They were native to the Mid Rim planet Dressel.

The Dressellians were a tenacious race that was first discovered by offworlders some 200 years before the Galactic Civil War, when a group of Bothawuians came across Dressel. The Bothans recognized the potential of the Dressellians, and left them to evolve on their own.

However, years later, the Empire took control of the Bothawuian mining interests in the system and subjugated the Dressellian race. Throughout their enslavement, the Dressellians remained dedicated to their own independence, and followed the Bothawuians when the fur-covered aliens threw in their support to the Alliance. The Dressellians also adopted the Bothan alphabet, using it to write out their own native language.

As a people, the Dressellians managed to develop steam-level technology on their own, but willingly accepted the blasters and repulsorlift technology offered by the Bothans.

In the wake of the Battle of Endor, the Dressellians agreed to join the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance, although they tended to shun the political necessity of the New Republic Senate.

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