Drill Parasite

Drill Parasite Closed

Drill Parasite Open

General Information
Behind the Scenes
Universe Steven Universe

The "Drill Parasites" are parasitic creatures that light teal in color, and are shaped like small drills. They look just like starfish when unraveled, and even have an opening in the middle of their undersides, similar to that of real starfish.


"Arcade Mania"Edit

After the defeat of the bigger Gem Cave Creature, the drill parasites managed to escape by drilling away into the ground. They returned when Steven was scanning the beach for quarters, and infested the city. It took all day for Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst to destroy them all.


  • When they drill into the ground, they can multiply into more parasites.
  • They were referenced in "Keep Beach City Weird!", when Steven asked about the holes on the side of the temple that were caused by them.
    • This may mean that the holes might stay there for a while.
  • They are like the Centipeetles, that being there is a mother and her children, but only the mother has a gemstone.


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