Dung (Bug) 1

Dung is a beetle-like Bug with floppy ears and alligator mouth.

He was after on Elle for the bounty from the queen. He appeared after crashing the bus on Edwin (Edgar's twin brother) and takes her to his ship, disguised as a school bus and started fighting Moe. When Kay and Jay come to rescue Elle, he teamed up with Moe and split the bounty.

They fail and later help the three MIBs because the Worms give them coffee with "sugar" and they don't want Edwin to get the bounty, making him and Moe most wanted to their kind.

Dung (Bug) 2

Abillties and TraitsEdit

Enchanced strength, body armor, super sense, strong jaws and detect near by enemies. He is dimwitted and easily distracted. But, a fast learner like driving a bus and he remind himself to keep track of things.


Soft underbelly like a kick of the groin and lack of sugar intake.



  • His named comes from Dung Beetle, hinting that does waste matter disposer and class worker Bug.
  • He is strong like his siblings and a little reasonable than the other as Moe makes a deal with him spliting the bounty 50/50.

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