Duracrete Slug
General Information
Homeworld Unknown. Possibly Coruscant
Length Usually 3 to 5 meters. Some can reach up to 10 meters
Diet Duracrete
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars Universe

Duracrete Slugs are very large, non-sapient silica parasites that were spread throughout the galaxy by cargo spaceships. Many are found in the underworld of planet Coruscant, where some are known to reach 10 meters in length. Their diet consists mainly of duracrete and other building materials, which form the Slug's body armor.

Since Duracrete Slugs have poor eyesight, they use the many barbel-like feelers in their snout to perceive the world around them. They are likely related to the Duracrete Worms.

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