Earth, the third planet in the Sol system, is the name the Humans have given to their home planet. As such, it is the origin of the alternative name for Humans, Earthlings. It is also the original home of the Androsynth clone race. Earth is a Water World with a single moon (Luna).
Sc2 end free earth

A picture of the Earth from the Star Control series.


All of the Star Control's Earths History is Observably nearly identical to the real world Earth up until about 1990 to 1995 when the Star Control video games were being made. and then by 2015 things began to diverge dramatically from the real world when major deadly events predicted in the Star Control universe never occurred in our own real world universe. For information on the real world version see Earth.

  • 1160s CE - The Lurg tell the Mycon not to destroy the Earth. Most likely they did this by using there unique parasitic puppet master ability. (referenced by the Lurg)
  • 1610 - the four largest moons of Jupiter are discovered. (locations in the game)
  • 1930 - The Dwarf Planet known as Pluto is discovered. (location in the game)
  • c.1940 - A passing Ur-Quan Scout ship passes about 20 light years from Earth and discovers them due to there radio wave signals and relays the discovery of the Human Race and transmit this back to their homeworld via Hyperwave Broadcast and then the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za begin formulating plans to Attack the Earth. (referenced in the star control 2 game manual)
  • 1945 Spring - The United States of America began to test nuclear weapons. ( Nuclear weapons are referenced by commander hayes in star control 2)
  • 1945 Summer - The United States of America uses nuclear weapons in War. ( Nuclear weapons are referenced by commander hayes in star control 2)
  • c.1950s - The Arilou visit the earth in record numbers due to concern and curiosity over the Humans having begun to test Nuclear weapons. The Arilou have visited the earth for thousands of years but the 1950s had significant Arilou visitation activity. ( Pre-Official contact and attributed to this race is referenced by commander hayes in star control 2)
  • In 2015 the People of Earth have a small war in which the atomic weapons were used yet casualties remained in the low millions. Indicating that the war might have had fewer casualties to the real world World war two about 50 to 70 million depending on when it began. could have began as early as 1931 when Japan took over Manchuria. but despite this this next war with nuclear weapons remain confined to the south levant countries. and was only fought by middle eastern countries and was fought along side and independently from other wars on earth in this time period. (referenced by commander hayes in star control 2)
  • In 2019 the very first Androsynth was created by a scientist named Hsien Ho one of the founders of a Zurich Switzerland based bio tech company. after being treated as slaves for roughly 50 years the Androsynth fled the planet "en masse" in 2085. (Referenced by the game manual)
    Earthlings mention the Cargo Ships

    In this picture a Earthling person is talking about his job escorting a unseen Earthling Cargo Ship .

  • in 2115 - Earth joins the Alliance of Free Stars .After meeting the Chenjesu in the fall of 2115 and the Arilou in the year 2111. Indicating a period of history dating between 2111 and 2115 when the United nation assembly was only considering the Arilou offer and not joining the alliance. in the struggle during the Ur-Quan Slave War (2090's to 2134). Although other races were aware of Earth and its emerging human civilization as early as the twentieth century, the first official contact with another space-faring race occurred in 2115. and some as early as 1160s CE such as the Lurg. By some accounts, the Hierarchy did not initially consider Earth much of a threat when they were divided on there planet during the second half of the 20th century during events such as World War II and then later the Cold War. However, this opinion apparently changed about a century later during the course of the Ur-Quan Slave War (2090s to 2134), Indicating that some sort of a Planet wide alliance had formed by 2115 and that they later became a threat when united into a single Earthlings Nationality for the Earth, and according to some records the Hierarchy planned a massive assault on Earth during the War. (referenced by the game manual and Earth starbase commander hayes in star control 2).1
  • 2134- Earth fell to the Hierarchy sometime in 2134 or 2135, and the planet was soon slave-shielded by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za. Prior to the erection of the slave shield, Ur-Quan Dreadnoughts laid waste to sections of the planet's surface including the city of Buenos Aires, human constructions older than five-hundred years, and other locations of unknown significance. As part of the subjugation process, the Ur-Quan established a Hierarchy Starbase in orbit around Earth and also left a battegroup of Ilwrath and Spathi forces, called the Ur-Quan Earth Guard,  to keep watch on the new fallow species. This was following the creations of others since 17000ish BCE such as the Ur-Quan Xen-Weyi Guard. Following the destruction of the Sa-Matra, the Chmmr successfully removed the slave shield that had briefly cut Earth off from the rest of the galaxy. (referenced by the game manual and Earth starbase commander hayes in star control 2)
  • 2165 to 2169 - The Earth and its Earthling Civilization experience a brief golden age until destruction by the Kohr-Ah in the demonstration version of Project 6014 were Earthling Cruisers can be seen flying free for the first time in a little over 30 years, in the systems of Sol and a few other nearby systems. (referenced in the game Star control 2 project 6014)
  • By 2165  - Around this time according to Earth Starbase commander Hayes of the free planet of Earth, he begins reporting that at some point recently the Umgah have turned neutral just like the Spathi, and the Utwig. Hayes says that the Umgah have sent down doctors of there kind and begun taking Human patients and charging fair rates. He says that these Umgah doctors are even better medic's than Medical Robots or what he calls (Med-bots). (referenced in the game Star control 2 project 6014)
  • 2169 - The chronological end of the Star Control universe. At this time usually in June or September depending on which version of the Project 6014 demo is played, the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah species will have destroyed all of the allied Fleets in the Local region of Space beginning with the Shofixti around April and eventually the Arilou in the far west of the star map around June or September. the Kohr-Ah only kill the fleets and don't actually attack the Earth itself or destroy the Earth Starbase. (referenced in the game Star control 2 project 6014)

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