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Eden Prime
Eden Prime (orbit)
Region Milky Way
Sector Exodus
System Utopia
Suns 1
Moons None
Orbital position 2nd
Rotation period 64.1 Earth Hours
Orbital period 2.5 Earth Years
Class Farm World
Diameter 14,052 km (8,731.4 mi)
Atmosphere 1.45 atm
Climate 23 °C
Gravity 1.04 g
Primary terrain Pristine, Earth-like greenery
Points of interest Prothean Bunker (decimated)
Native fauna Gas Bag
Immigrated species Human
Primary languages English
Major settlements Constant (capital)
Population 3.7 million (2183)

4.2 million (2186)
(Pop. estimate is pre-invasion)

Behind the Scenes
Universe Mass Effect

Eden Prime is an Earth-like planet which has been colonized by Humans in the mid-22nd century. Its native fauna include the floating Gas Bags.

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