Homeworld: Draconis

Known Empresses: Berylia, Ellowyn, Erethia, Grewind, Yarasi, Fireblade, Laurel, Myranmar, Omnisha

Racial Tendencies: Honorable Militarists (surmised)

Specialties: Telepathic and Omniscient

A newer race, this humanoid group was elven or fairy-like. They were a Feudal matriarchy, in which only females (the warrior caste) could join the military. Elerian mental powers were beyond compare; their males in the philosopher caste could detect everything taking place in the galaxy, from the biggest fleet to the most distant tiny planet. The females also had some strong telepathic powers. Every ship that was at least a cruiser in size had a powerful telepath who could mind-control an entire planet, eliminating the need for ground troops. The ship leaders could also see slightly into the future, giving noticeable attack and defense advantages. They could even take mental control of a captured ship and use it in the same battle against its former fleet. Their only seeming weakness was their weak government, in which the local rulers had considerable influence over their planets. The rulers' forces made ship construction quick, but technological advancement was only about half of what might be expected. Science was not a high priority to the planetary rulers, so this inefficiency was a definite problem for the Elerian empresses. Usually, the Elerians were aggressive militarily, and would only aid the races to which they were already favorably disposed. These races were the Alkari, Bulrathi, and Mrrshan (the Elerians apparently respected combat strength and skill). The Psilons and Silicoids were disliked by the Elerians, and the Gnolams were their mortal enemies.