Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul gave the Animorphs their morphing power.

Here is a picture of him.


Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul is the son of Noorlin-Sirinial-Cooraf and Forlay-Esgarrouth-Maheen, the older brother of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill,[1] husband of Loren and the father of Tobias..[2]

 Him as an AristhEdit

As an Aristh, Elfangor was sent on a mission to rescue two humans from the Skrit Na. Although the plan was initially to simply to return them back to Earth and their memories erased, the discovery of the Time Matrix resulted in their return being delayed. This allowed Elfangor and Loren time to develop a deeper, closer bond. Not long after, Elfangor left the war after having his faith shattered, and he came to Earth with Loren.

Time on EarthEdit

During a time when Elfangor was on Earth, he performed a Frolis Maneuver, morphed into a human, purposely became a Nothlit and assumed the alias of "Alan Fangor". Soon after returning to Earth, Elfangor and Loren were married and together they conceived a child, Tobias. However, Elfangor was eventually returned to the war by the Ellimist. The Ellimist also apparently erased Loren's memory of her life with him while leaving the newly-conceived Tobias still in existence.

Him as a PrinceEdit

After Elfangor was returned to Andalite form and placed back in Andalite space by the Ellimist, he returned to military service. Elfangor was quickly promoted from the rank of Aristh to War-Prince, for ramming the Blade ship of Visser Three with a small fighter ship and disabling it, thus saving an Andalite Dome ship.

During his great adventures, Elfangor made a powerful arch-nemesis, a Yeerk by the name of Esplin 9466. When they first met, Esplin was Sub-Visser Seven and inhabited the body of a Hork-Bajir. When Esplin took over the body of the Andalite War-Prince Alloran-Semitur-Corrass and was immediately advanced to the rank of Visser Thirty-Two. Esplin later became Visser Three.


Elfangor's demise comes in his final battle with his arch-nemesis, Visser Three. Elfangor's Dome ship, the GalaxyTree, was comissioned to come to Earth to assess the Yeerk's progress. Unfortunately, the Andalites were caught completely off guard by a hidden Yeerk Pool ship and Visser Three's Blade ship. Elfangor was dispatched along with other warriors to battle the Yeerk' Bug fighters. Unfortunately, all the Andalites were killed, and Elfangor's ship was damaged and crash-landed in an Abandoned Construction Site onto Earth. While Elfangor lay dying, five human teenagers discovered him and he gave them the power to morph to defend Earth against the Yeerks. Immediately thereafter, Visser Three arrived, morphed into a  Bogg and devoured Elfangor.


After his death, Elfangor was awarded the highest honor in the Andalite military by having a Dome ship named after him. The Elfangor is the Dome ship that finally comes to Earth to aid the Animorphs in stopping the Yeerk invasion of Earth.


  • In the alternate timeline of The Andalite Chronicles, under the guise of Alan Fangor, Elfangor describes how he created an operating system using  "windows". He then shared this creation with his friend, simply named "Bill". This would suggest that Elfangor is responsible for the Windows OS, and that his friend was Bill Gates. He also mentioned he talked with someone named Steve, possibly a reference to Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak from Apple, Inc.
  • Elfangor had a Dome ship named after him. The Elfangor is the Dome ship that finally comes to Earth to aid the Animorphs in stopping the Yeerk invasion of Earth.[9]


Morph Book Acquired
Djabala Prior to The Andalite Chronicles
Kafit Bird

The Andalite Chronicles

Human (Alan Fangor) - NOTHLIT

He has 4 morphs in total. When he became a human nothlit, he lost all ability to morph these aliens.

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