The Elowans are a peace-loving people, stating during communications that they “bear thee no malice” for friendly captains, never opening fire on a non-Elowan ship unless a Thrynn is on board (their mortal enemy) or the people they are communicating with have been known to have some sort of relationship with the Thrynn beforehand. (Any future relations with the Thrynn were soured when the Thrynn partook of stealing and selling “headfruit” on the black market at some point, which is grown from Elowan children.)

Picture of a Elowan Scout ship after being scanned.

Elowan ScoutshipEdit

Elowan Scoutships weigh 50 tons. They have a shield class of four and are armed with lances. There are known to carry Endurium, molybedenum, nickel and plutonium (the latter being ironic, since the Thrynn are always on the lookout for obtaining plutonium and will attempt to barter with spacefaring captains if a Thrynn ship detects the material on someone else’s ship during an encounter).


  • Weight: 50 tons
  • Shield class: 4
  • Weapon: Lance
  • Known cargo: Endurium, molybdenum, plutonium, nickel

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