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Emperor's Swords
Universe Warhammer 40,000 Universe
Founder / Leader Unknown
Homeworld Ghorstangrad and Bellicas
Fortress-Monasteries Unknown
Colors Unknown
Specialty Unknown
Battle Cry Unknown
Current Strength 0 (Destroyed)

The Emperor's Swords were a chapter of Space Marines. Unlike other chapters, they appeared to be two-pronged and possessed two homeworlds - Ghorstangrad and Bellicas.

The Fall of Ghorstangrad Edit

The Emperor's Swords stationed upon Ghorstangrad were destroyed by the machinations of the Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines. For over a dozen generations Alpha Legion manipulated the slums, gangs, and sects of the planet, placing subconscious triggers in the rituals used by the gangs and sects. It was from these gangs and sects that the Emperor's Swords recruited new Space Marines, and so when the Alpha Legion finally attacked Ghorstangrad, they were able to use these triggers to disorient and confuse a good number of the Emperor's Swords, with many of these Swords even turning on their brother marines. In the ensuing chaos, the Emperor's Swords on Ghorstangrad ceased to be - most from death but some did break down and joined the Alpha Legion's ranks. Those survivors that did not make this same choice were executed and had their gene-seed harvested for use by the Alpha Legion.

Ghorstangrad now serves as a stronghold for Chaos Space Marines.

The Demise of Emperor's Swords Edit

Despite having lost their sister homeworld halfway through M40, the second portion of the chapter survived until 970.M41. It would not be the Chaos Space Marines that would bring about their ultimate destruction, however. Bellicas turned out to be a Necron tomb world, and when the ancient creatures awoken, they rose from the depths of the planet and soon fell upon the chapter remnants, finally bringing about the extinction of the Emperor's Swords.

Twenty years later the Space Marines of the Fire Lords avenged the Emperor's Swords and eliminated the Necrons on Bellicas.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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