The Emperor of Planet Bone, Femur is a short, fat, obnoxious creature who is constantly scheming of new ways to benefit himself. He is a very crafty, vile man with self-gratification as the only thing on his mind. Despite being self-indulgent, Femur cares for his planet and does indeed think of the citizens of Bone, and he willingly and paternally looks after the last surviving plant from Planet Jungle. Not a fighter by any means, Femur instead chooses to hide in the midst of battle, and in the crucial battle of Remora he led his troops in a retreat when things got rough. He is also very flirtatious with the ladies, particularly Jade (much to her disdain). He genuinely cares for Pyrus and serves as a surrogate uncle-type figure, trying to keep him out of battles and being upset at the thought of being assassinated without patching things up with Pyrus. He is voiced by </span>

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